Sunday, 28 April 2013

The ponies have landed...

The ponies have arrived, they travelled fine and are LOVING the Aude - there is lots of grass outside their (huge) "corral" for them to graze on together, and inside they drown in fantastic mountain hay beneath the pine trees, with lots of neighbours to talk to.

May has decided that she is not sure about Ficelle, the huge cow that is her neighbour on one side, she has never seen a cow before and when she goes past she does some very pretty traditional fjord dancing, quite uncomfortable for the rider though. Gump can't understand the problem, he just mooches past, heading for that lovely long grass.

We are looking forward to some fantastic riding here - we have done a couple of short rides out and the views are incredible and the ground is great for barefoot horses, we are all very happy.

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