Monday, 26 November 2012

Horsey Mums

OMG, I have turned into a stereotype. I have become an English Horsey Mum, without even realising it. It came to me in a blinding flash last week after coaching my daughter a bit on her horse. Terrifying. 

I am obviously dead cool, down with the kids and am unquestionably an original. But even if this is true the stereotype still fits (uncomfortably).

I wear an australian "cowboy" hat (albeit a real Barmah one), jeans, checked shirts, muddy boots, brightly coloured riding jackets and my hair is always a mess. I am of a certain age, comfortable size top and bottom and there is no question that I have a 'carrying' voice, (to put it mildly) with a slightly posh accent. I have a black labrador with me all the time. Also, I drive a VOLVO ESTATE WITH a tow bar, and I regularly pull a horse trailer in it. I can be seen at horse competitions on a regular basis shouting at my daughter while she competes in show jumping classes. 

But it is the volvo that clinches it I think, or maybe the labrador. 

I have NO IDEA how or when this happened. My daughter didn't even start riding until she was 13, two years ago, so I must have slipped into role very easily...

In my defence, having recently seen some other horsey mums screaming a diatribe of tellings-off at their kids when they miss a jump or fall off, or telling them before they enter the ring that they do not have the right to have a refusal or to knock down an obstacle, I think I am a very gentle type of horsey mum.

My screeches to my daughter when she is in the ring are always limited  to "BREATHE" and "ALLEZ" and my instructions before she enters the ring are only ever "Enjoy yourself" and "smile".

I am still a bit worried though, I don't really want to be a horsey mum at all...

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