Friday, 7 September 2012

Hoof Boots part 1

I am up to my neck in hoof boots, as we need them for six hooves - all four of Gump's hooves and probably two of May's (back). I took her back shoes off to stop her kicking Gump but also because she was slipping all the time, on the roads as well as the chemins and both of us felt very uncomfortable. We did a road test yesterday and it was amazing, May was striding out really confidently and was easily keeping up with the bigger horses, and we didn't slip at all. She was very happy even on the stones and rocks and she was sound today so we might get away with no boots, at least for slow ballades. Just as well perhaps as her hooves are extra long and narrow and I still haven't found a brand that will fit.

Gump's hooves change size every time he is trimmed by the equine podologue so I have already had to do two hoof boot orders and then send them back because they won't fit his new size. I am tearing my hair out. Each model of boot fits different shaped hooves, some come in pairs and others singly and each has a different sizing system so finding a set of four that will fit each hoof is killing me, the maths is too hard as well.

I am about to send the last lot back - it is just too expensive to make a mistake. You could nearly buy a small house in the Charente for the price of four hoof boots.

At the same time I am dying to buy the Tekna headcollar that is half price at the moment - synthetic so just washing under the tap instead of greasing the leather one. See earlier posts for my feelings on that. There are also lovely Tekna reins on special. I am sitting on my hands so I don't buy anything.

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