Friday, 6 July 2012


The gymkhana was brilliant - I couldn't practice because my back was so bad but I took lots of ibuprofen and stuff and was ok. There were 32 riders in two groups, beginner and not beginner. As usual with these competitions at the club, I was the only adult. I am truly reliving my youth these days. 

One of the ados rode too, on a comtois mare - that was something to see! Each group had to do a course in the fastest time with no faults. The beginners course involved a little slalom, going round a barrel, under a bar without touching it, ringing a bell and picking up a cup. Our group ( I really hoped F, one of the monitrices, would allow me to go with the babies but she wouldn't!) had to do much the same except with more turns, two jumps and picking up the cup with one hand, putting it under the neck of the horse, then going round a barrel and putting the cup back on a pole. 

May was brilliant, she went off into canter from walk every time and on the right leg each time too. Our only problem was that she did her new shock reaction at the sight of an obstacle. She did this at our first le trec competition too and both then and yesterday I very nearly fell off as she jumped about six feet sideways at the sight of a (very tiny) jump like she had never seen one before! Given that she normally accelerates at jumps it is always very unexpected. However, I did manage to stay on and we carried on much better. But I rode about 15th out of 20 and I realised that there was one part where you could go very fast so we cantered quickly and then the kids after me all did the same and beat me hollow on their shetlands and little ponies (nippier than my fjord!!). 

But of course it was all only for fun and it really was! May is so super brilliant, we had great fun and we got a rosette too! 

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